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Are you into FREE sports and activities?

Are you looking for your child to compete at high levels?

How about participating in tournament-level play at no cost to your family?

Schools are more than just academics. It is about giving kids opportunities that extend beyond the classroom walls. In D2, we know this to be true.

Last year, our Boys Basketball team made it to the Sweet 16 in the 4A state tournament. Two wrestlers qualified for state championships, our girls’ softball team made the 3A playoffs and had three state medalists in 4A. And we also had a state champion in the 110-meter hurdles!

The opportunities don’t stop there. We also have award-winning programs in the arts as well! Looking to have your child play in a band, showcasing their skills at concerts across the state? Or do you want them to experience playing in smaller venues as part of a Jazz Band?

How about theater? We have two active theater departments ready to showcase your child’s acting skills. From small events to larger shows, they will experience working as part of a team to pull off a production. Lights, camera, action, let the show begin!

Academics and student leadership matter at D2. We look forward to building your child’s student achievement and resume through the National Honor Society as well as a wide variety of leadership programs at both high schools. We want to provide opportunities for your children to try out their leadership skills so they can grow into our next generation of community leaders and influencers.  

Research shows that the more students participate in athletics and activities, the more connected they become to school and, in turn, have a higher-grade point average (GPA) than students who are not involved. Encourage your child to join us today! Whether through athletics or activities, joining a program today promotes personal growth.