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Olympians read to MVCS students as part of new school program

Three U.S. Olympians read to dozens of Mountain Vista students as part of a new school initiative on Nov. 30.

Erin Storie, Ryan Boyle, and Logan Storie (pictured, L to R) all visited the school as part of 'Reading with Role Models'.

L to R: Erin Storie, Ryan Boyle, and Logan Storie The program is an effort to bring local community leaders and role models to the school to read books to kids and answer their questions.

Erin Storie competes in the triathlon and is training for a spot on the team at the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Ryan Boyle competed in the Rio 2016 Paralympics and took home the silver medal in Cycling time trial, which he brought with him to show students.

Ryan also shared his story of perseverance and determination following a traumatic brain injury he suffered after being hit by a truck as a child in 2003.

Logan Storie, Erin's husband, competes in the pentathlon and holds the current world record for Modern Pentathlon in the swimming event.

One of the goals of Reading with Role Models is to encourage students they can be whatever they want to be and learn about different careers.

MVCS Principal Britney Gandhi was the first guest reader in September, followed by a local fire chief in October.

Future planned guest readers include members of the U.S. Army, the Colorado Springs Switchbacks, a paramedic, and a vet tech.

Boyle's silver medal