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The D2 Board of Education will have two seats up for election November 7, 2023.

COHERENT GOVERNANCE was adopted by the D2 Board of Education in 2010 as a method to govern by specifying the Board's values in policy and allowing the Superintendent (the educational expert) the freedom to run the district in a manner that meets Board values. It takes the BOE out "of the weeds" of day-to-day decisions and keeps our focus on high-level expectations. Decisions are made in the best interest of D2 students. The Board's values are made known in our policies. There are 4 types of board policies: Results (learning outcomes), Governance Culture (GCs define the work of the Board along with expectations for individual and collective behaviors), Board/Superintendent Relationship (B/SRs describe the relationship between the BOE and Superintendent) and Operational Expectations (OEs set expectations for logistical aspects of a school district).

So You Want to be a Board Member?

Information Sessions:
July 20th and August 3rd at 5:30 p.m.

Community Forum – Meet the Candidates:
October 10th at 6:30pm 

Election Day:
November 7th

Swearing In Ceremony:
December 1st