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Bond Update & Community Open House

Please join us at one of our completed school projects (or visit multiple projects) to see the renovations we could only do with the support of our community! Click here for the list of participating schools.

Wednesday, August 31, 9:00 am - 11:00 am

In November 2018, voters successfully passed a $180 million bond that was needed to remodel and renovate our District’s school buildings. Our community supported this effort to provide equity to our students, families, and staff by helping us to update buildings for a state-of-the-art education.

We believe it is important to keep our community informed about how the bond funds have been spent thus far and provide our updated schedule. In September 2021, the District closed on the sale of $80 million in bonds, the remaining amount from the voter-approved $180 million in the November 2018 election. This sale of bonds earned an additional $23.56 million in premium. That will allow the District to add further capital improvements and projects district-wide. Projects such as playground improvements, enhancing the curb appeal of the District, security updates, roof replacements, athletic courts and fields to highlight a few.

Despite COVID and rising costs of materials, the District is on schedule and within expected budget projections. It is not uncommon to begin the renovation process, only to find the work will be more extensive than predicted, adding more time to the completion of a project. It may also drive the order of projects and prompt the District to change the project timeline.

We will see renovations and construction across our District until 2024. For current progress reports, financial information, and timeline, please visit our bond construction section of the D2 website at

Bond Accomplishments

Completed projects:

  • Sand Creek International School remodel and middle school addition
  • Otero Elementary remodel
  • Centennial Elementary remodel
  • Stratmoor Hills Elementary remodel
  • Stratton Meadows Elementary remodel
  • Mountain Vista Community School remodel
  • Harrison High School remodel
  • Fox Meadow Middle School parking lot addition
  • Oak Creek Elementary remodel
  • Carmel Community School rebuild

In-progress projects:

  • Soaring Eagles Elementary remodel and middle school addition
  • Wildflower Elementary remodel
  • Monterey Elementary remodel

Upcoming projects:

  • Sierra High School remodel
  • Bricker Elementary remodel
  • Giberson Elementary remodel
  • Panorama Middle School remodel
  • Turman Elementary remodel