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HSD2 Moves Forward with “Season C” Football

Harrison School District Two will move forward with a “Season C” (Feb. 22 – May 8) football season despite Governor Polis’ announcement on Wednesday, September 16, 2020, allowing school football season to begin in October.

The district made this decision based on the safety of the players, the focus on education for players, game quality, and game attendance.

  1. Safety of players
    1. Lack of traditional offseason and preseason conditioning workouts, team workouts, strength training, and team camps from school closing in spring through the summer.
    2. Illness- fall season will be during the start of the flu season.
    3. COVID screening impacts due to flu and how they could negatively impact teams
    4. COVID potential with teams the schools would be playing.
    5. Allows time for students to begin conditioning and strength training that can help prevent injury and/or help with injury recovery.
  2. Educationally Based Athletics
    1. First purpose is to get students back in school
    2. Help students navigate a new learning paradigm
    3. Help students develop strategies for academic success in varied learning environments
  3. Game Quality
    1. Allow time for coaches to work with players to help them improve football-specific skills
    2. Allow time for coaches to work with players to build the team and playing strategies of football
    3. Allows time for students to get into the proper condition to play the game to the best of their ability
  4. Game Attendance
    1. Spring allows the opportunity for spectator attendance variance to be increased
    2. Schools want parents and family to be allowed at games
    3. Schools want students to be allowed to attend games

Harrison School District Two has always been in support of the CHSAA (Colorado High School Activities Association) recommendation from August 4, 2020, for all sports and believes the plan was for the greater good of all students and schools across the state.

Harrison School District Two will continue to offer cross country, boys golf, and softball this fall as allowed by CHSAA. The District is confident they can allow these sports to occur while keeping athletes safe.