Program Overview

  • The Harrison School District Two Athletic Department is aware of the importance of athletics as part of a well-rounded educational experience. We have long known that the daily results of teamwork, preparation, participation, and hard work assist in developing positive character traits in our students. The lifelong message we are able to deliver involves values such as respect, responsibility, fairness, trustworthiness, caring, citizenship, and accountability. Participation in high school athletics and activities is often a predictor of success - in college, a career, and becoming a contributing member of society. As an athletic staff, we build daily on this foundation, using teachable moments to deliver a message of attitude, character, effort, and team spirit.

    At District Two, we have a well-rounded offering of activity programs. Band and choir are co-curricular offerings from 6th grade through 12th grade. The bands participate in local parades and contests at both the high school and middle school levels. The high school bands are members of the Colorado Band Masters, which allow them the opportunity to participate in state-level marching band competitions. The high school bands also compete in the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) solo and ensemble festivals. Choir as well as part of the co-curricular courses offered from 6th grade through 12th grade. Choirs perform in our local area in a variety of settings and events. High school choirs compete annually at the CHSAA solo and ensemble festivals, as well as full choir competitions. 

    Our high schools have a robust drama department as part of co-curricular courses. Each school year students from our courses and drama club perform one show each semester. Often one of the shows will be a musical. Students may also be part of shows by working behind the scenes as a stagehand, lighting operator, sound operator, or other areas of show production.  

    All of our elementary, middle schools, and high schools have a diverse offering of clubs available for students. Each school is unique in its offerings for student participation. Our high schools are affiliated with the National Honor Society and induct students yearly who meet the requirements.

    The goal is to have our students involved in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities during the school year. Being involved deepens and enriches student life. Connections to staff and other students are enriched by participation. Research shows that the more students participate in activities their Grade Point Average (GPA) is higher than students who do not get involved. The time our students are involved allows our staff to coach and mentor students. Staff can assist with skill development in many areas and also provide social-emotional support for students. 

    Part of student development is based upon how to handle success and failure. Humility is an excellent characteristic to deal with success and failure. Students must also develop skills to be a good teammate, as well as being coachable. Relationships on all teams or groups have their ups and downs. Sometimes during times of struggle or if there are philosophical differences, it can lead to tension with teammates, coaches, sponsors, or directors. Our hope is students will talk with the person or persons to work through the perceived or real issue. Developing the skill of self-advocacy will help students as they grow into adults. 

    Get your son or daughter involved with their school today. These positive experiences will help your student grow and develop lifelong skills needed for friendship and success.  


  • District Director of Athletics & Activities
    Dave Hogan, CAA


    Harrison High School Athletics Director

    Sierra High School Athletics Director