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The Process

1. Nomination
A student may be nominated for the identification process by a parent, teacher, self, peers, assessment results, or previous Gifted Education identification in another district or state.

2. Screening Process
An educational team consisting of the classroom teacher, counselor, gifted specialist, and building administrator will meet to initiate the gifted screening process.

3. Synthesis of Body of Evidence
Information from various sources, a Body of Evidence, will be collected for the nominated student. This includes assessment results, classwork, parental input, and teacher observations. The Screening Committee will determine if the nominated student meets the identification criteria of Harrison School District 2 and Colorado.

4. Communicate Results
A representative of the Screening Committee will communicate the results of the nomination to all stakeholders. A parent, student, or teacher has the right to appeal the identification decision. To initiate an appeal process, the appellant should contact the building principal and complete the necessary documentation.

5. Development of an Advanced Learning Plan
If a student is identified as a Gifted Learner, the educational team, along with parents, will meet to develop an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP). This individualized plan will outline student learning goals/objectives and identify instructional programming/strategies to ensure student growth. This plan serves as a record of student progress and will be updated on a yearly basis.