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New Hire Information

Welcome to Harrison School District 2! We are excited to have you become part of our team.

New Hire Process

  • Once Human Resources has received all hiring documents, we send out new hire paperwork and online orientation via email from Frontline for you to complete.
  • Included in this paperwork will be directions to set up an appointment for District fingerprints which will need to be completed before you can start in your position.
  • Once you have completed all requirements, Human Resources will notify you that you are cleared to start in your position.

Pay Overview

All D2 Licensed (Salaried) & Educational Support Personnel (ESP) (Hourly) employees are paid based on prorated pay. 
Prorated pay is when we take your yearly salary and divide it by how many days you work in a school year (Licensed) or your hourly rate and multiply it by how many hours you work in a day (ESP). This gives us your per diem (or daily rate). We then multiply that daily rate by how many days you will work in the remainder of the school year's work calendar. This gives you your annual salary. We divide that by however many months are left in the pay calendar. This gives you your monthly rate (base pay). This ensures you will receive a consistent paycheck every month.

Licensed (salaried) Pay Example
ESP (hourly) Pay Example

If you have any questions about prorated pay, please contact our HR department for further clarification.

Colorado PERA

The Colorado Public Employees' Retirement Association (PERA) is our retirement system which is required for ALL district employees. We do not pay into Social Security. 

For Colorado PERA, there are two contributions made:

  • 11% from the employee paid every pay period
  • 21.45% from D2 paid every pay period

Please visit Colorado PERA for further information

Human Resources
(719) 579-2001

Employment Verification Requests
(719) 579-2001

Title IX Coordinator
Katherine Ritchie-Rapp
General Counsel
(719) 538-1343

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