Program Overview

  • Collaborate with district, school, staff, and families for improvement of instruction and classroom behavior for the benefit of students with special needs and improved outcomes for quality of life & productive citizenship.

    The Department of Special Education Programs exists to support our special learning population:

    • We promote growth of the whole child in partnership with peers, staff, families and community
    • We create and facilitate a variety of services to address individual needs
    • We support state and district standards for excellence in education
    • We nurture individual hopes and dreams so all may experience lifelong success


  • Special Education records:
    All requests for special education records must be submitted in writing.
    Please fax or email requests to Evangelina Buell at 719-579-3275 or


    Amy Lloyd, Director of Special Programs

    Kristina Lorenzen, Assistant Director of Special Programs

    Matt Montoya, Coordinator of Special Programs

    Emily Jones, Behavior Specialist

    Deana Vargas, Secretary to Director, Special Programs

    Mardi Williams, Special Programs Medicaid Clerk

    Evangelina Buell, Special Programs Records Secretary