Health and Wellness

  • Sand Creek International has had a Health and Wellness team since the 2011-2012 school year. Our efforts to improve Health and Wellness for our students, staff, and school community has earned us the title of Healthy School Champion for 6 years in a row awarded by the Colorado Education Initiative. Money from these awards has allowed us to purchase an indoor tower garden, built outdoor planters, and most recently build a new 1/4 Mile Track on our back field! Part of our Health and Wellness efforts has been promoting healthy habits for our students during the school day. Thus, we have a Healthy Snacks and Birthday Celebrations policy. 

    It is the intent of the Sand Creek staff to promote a lifestyle of health and wellness for each of our students. In order to maintain that intent, we will adhere to the following:

    Healthy Snacks

    Students will be allowed to eat only healthy snacks in the classroom. Snacks should be able to be eaten in 5 minutes or less and not create a mess.


                            What to Bring                                                             What Not to Bring

                               Crackers                                                                     Bags of Chips

                              Fresh Fruit                                                                      Cookies

                             Granola Bars                                                                      Candy

                            String Cheese                                                                   Brownies

                                 Raisins                                                                         Pudding

                              Vegetables                                                                     Desserts

                                Pretzels                                                                        Muffins

                                 Gogurt                                                                         Cupcakes


    Birthday Celebrations

    Students are not allowed to bring cupcakes to share for their birthdays. We encourage you to celebrate your child’s birthday with non-food items. Options include stickers, pencils, glow-in-the-dark items, slap bracelets, party hats, etc. Oriental Trading is a cost-effective option for many of these items.