About Monterey Elementary School

  • Our Purpose

    Monterey Elementary is a culturally diverse neighborhood school with resources that include preschool (through CPCD), all-day kindergarten and offers transportation to an after-school program through the Boys and Girls Club. Our curriculum meets the needs of our culturally diverse student population by providing a variety of programs and teaching strategies aligned with the Colorado State standards.

    Parents and community members of Monterey are an integral part of each child's education through active involvement in his/her learning. Monterey staff is dedicated to providing a nurturing and positive learning environment for all students.

    Our Educators

    Dedicated staff members at Monterey Elementary provide students with the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of academic, athletic, scientific and artistic endeavors.

    The Literacy and Math Programs at Monterey Elementary enable teachers to utilize effective research-based instructional strategies to maximize learning for all students. We are able to provide ongoing staff development that supports teachers in using best practices in instruction. Academic and extra-curricular programs include:

    • Full-Day Kindergarten
    • Before and After School Tutoring and Clubs
    • Counseling Groups (Personal/Social and Academic)
    • iReady - an engaging online assessment and instruction program. iReady’s adaptive test identifies students’ strengths and weaknesses in reading and mathematics
    • Type2Learn - This engaging program wraps keyboarding lessons into an intriguing world of adventure and information, complete with exciting new activities and typing games with student and teacher interfaces.
    • K-2 BURST
    • Colorado Springs Conservatory - a program that allows students to explore the arts in an environment that embraces individuality and mutual respect. 
    • Schools and Outdoor Learning Environments (SOLE) for 4th Graders, which includes field trips to help connect the students with the outdoors. 
    • STARBASE - STARBASE is a Department of Defense program that allows 5th graders to engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in "hands-on, mind-on"  experimental activities. 

    While there is still work to be done on raising student achievement, Monterey students have made great gains in academic growth.

    Our Students

    Our students are proud to be Monterey Mustangs! Monterey staff and students build meaningful relationships to promote student achievement and encourage our kids to do their best. Students are challenged daily to apply their reading and writing skills through activities that require high levels of critical thinking.

    In addition to our students, our community includes many extended family members. We welcome parents, grandparents, and others to become part of the Monterey Family.

Monterey in Spring
  • Based on a recent survey 97% of students, parents, and staff feel safe at Monterey