About Us

  • Harrison School District Two (HSD2) has been committed to its students' success since its establishment over a century ago. We pride ourselves on being the second oldest district in El Paso County.

    The mission of HSD2 is to graduate college- and career-ready students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to personally succeed and contribute to the common good.

    We will be successful as a district by ensuring the core beliefs are at the center of everything we do with our students and community. These beliefs include:

    • All students are capable of excellence
    • Our purpose is to maximize student success
    • The well-being of our students, staff, families, and community is worthy of our investment

By the Numbers

  •  Harrison District Two Schools:

    • Nine Elementary Schools
    • Four K-8 Schools
    • Two Middle Schools
    • Two High Schools
    • One Career Readiness Academy
    • Three Charter School Systems
    • One Homeschool Academy
    • One Online K-12 Academy

    District Boundary Lines cover 19 square miles

    Student Enrollment Elementary: 6,571

    Student Enrollment Secondary: 6,487

    Student Enrollment Total: 13,058

    Statistics by Month


    *Student enrollment numbers are from the 22-23 October count.