DriveSafe Driving School

  • Get your driver's education online! 

    Harrison School District Two has a partnership with DriveSafe Driving Schools. Your student’s participation will raise money for our matching scholarships for high school seniors headed off to college!

    The DriveSafe State-certified program is 100% online, with no textbooks or software needed. The self-paced course is only $65 and your student can view it on any device, anytime. The course has easy-to-follow lessons and is fully interactive with animations, games, and videos.

    Please see the flyer for additional information.

    To enroll in the online program, click here.

    State law requires that all 14 ½ to 15 ½ year-olds take a 30-hour Driver’s Education course and pass a permit test to get their driver’s permit. A teen between 15 ½ and 16 is required to complete a 4-hour Driver Awareness course which is also offered using Zoom. Enroll now! This partnership also helps raise funds for our school. 

    Enrolled already? Log in here.

    For help with enrollment or if you are having trouble logging into your course, please call 720-576-0957.

CollegeDrive Test Prep and Tutoring

  • Career Readiness Academy has teamed up with CollegeDrive Test Prep and Tutoring to offer SAT and ACT test prep and tutoring to our students.

    Preparing for one of the most important tests your student will take can help your student in the following ways:

    • Increased Scores: CollegeDrive’s programs contain proven score increasing strategies. The average increase for the 18-hour course is 135 points (and the top improvement so far is 310)!
    • Scholarship Opportunities: Higher test scores can lead to scholarship offers worth thousands of dollars annually.  
    • College Admissions: Higher test scores will help students get admitted to the colleges of their choice.
    • Confidence: Students who take our test prep programs are not only prepared for test day, they are confident!
    • Affordability: We are offering these programs at a discount to Career Readiness Academy students! 

    After you enroll in one of the online programs, we receive a donation to help fund school programs. Not only are you helping your student reach his/her goals, but you can feel good about supporting Career Readiness Academy.

    View the flyer for available programs.

    Enroll now or call 720-496-2247 for more information.