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    Welcome to the homepage for Sierra High School Athletics and Activities. We are honored that you have chosen Sierra High School as your educational institution and are interested to participate in high school athletics. 

    Sierra High School is steeped in tradition with many programs that have excelled at both the city and state level. Our Boy's Basketball team are 4x State Champions in Colorado with many Final Four appearances and League Championships. Our Girls Basketball team has made the playoffs the past 15 years with an appearance in the Great 8 in 2018. We have had two former Stallions play in the National Football League, Alex Molden and Aaron Smith (2x Super Bowl Champion for the Pittsburg Steelers). On the Basketball side, our own Chucky Jeffery played in the WNBA with Minnesota and New York and currently plays professionally overseas. We also have Shamela Hampton who plays professional basketball overseas.

    Beyond the many successes we have had in these top programs, our athletic programs offer a wide range for our students and there is always something for them to do when they attend Sierra High School. 

    The philosophy of this department is quite simple. 

    • Sierra High School Athletics & Activities are dedicated communities of socially conscious educators and athletes that value success through caring and positive connections that embody life lessons which will be transformative.

    We believe that through caring and positive relationships with our student-athletes we can teach them what it means to be a Stallion as well as a greater contributor to the community as a whole. Athletics are a road to better things and create a lasting culture of success in the academic setting. It is a privilege to participate in athletics at our school. Our student-athletes model the highest behavior both on the field and off. Many of our athletes are in AP and College classes. They strive to do better than their peers and to showcase conduct becoming of a Stallion. 

    I am honored to lead this department and strive to create the whole child here at Sierra. 

    Check out the official Athletic website at GoStallionSports.com



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    Athletic & Activities Director
    Robert Bentley

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    Athletic Secretary
    Dana Kosley