School-Wide Grading Policy

  • Sierra used the following Grading Categories and Weights for All Classes

    Content Focused Assignments 30% --

      Content Focused Assignments should be completed over multiple class periods

      (Writing, Projects, Presentations, In-Class Performance)

    Class Assignments 25% --

      Class Assignments should be completed during the class period

      (Classwork, Note Checks, Graphic Organizers, Bell Work, Skill Performance, DOL Submission)

      DOLs are formative assessments for teacher feedback to inform instruction. DOLs may be graded for submission but   will not be graded for accuracy.

    Assessments 20%

      (Quizzes, Unit Tests, Common Assessments, Final/Culminating Performance) Tests must not exceed 20% of final grade.

    Final 20%

      Finals must not exceed 20% of final grade.

    Homework 5%