Winter Weather Policy

  • Student safety is always the District's first priority in determining whether to close or delay schools. If a school closure or delayed start is called, announcements will be made on local TV stations between 5:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.

    On bad weather days, the Superintendents receive a call from the Director of Operations with information on road conditions. In collaboration with the Superintendents of Widefield and Fountain-Fort Carson (nearest school districts), the Superintendents will make the decision to close schools or announce a two-hour delayed start.

    If a two-hour delayed start is called, the following will occur:

    • No morning Head Start or Preschool classes
    • No breakfast program
    • Buses will run two hours later and run on the regular schedule at the end of the day
    • Classes will begin two hours later and end at the usual time at the end of the day
    • All childcare in the District will operate on a two-hour delay, however, childcare provided by the Boys and Girls Club 360 at Soaring Eagles Elementary, Otero Elementary, and Oak Creek Elementary will be cancelled for the morning and open in the afternoon

    When inclement weather occurs and parents feel weather conditions are a threat to their child's well-being, they may notify the school and those absences or late arrivals will be excused. The students are our first priority, and we feel strongly that any change in procedure be thoroughly communicated to avoid confusion and difficulty for our students, parents, and staff.

    Two-hour delay on a Monday

    On Monday mornings the District conducts PLC meetings and professional development (late start).

    Should the District call a two-hour delay on a Monday, all schools will start and end school as if it were a day that did not have a late start.

    On a two-hour delay Monday, each school would start classes two hours after the regular start of classes that the school has during the rest of the week. Each school would end at the regular end of the school day that the school has during the rest of the week.


    Watch local television stations, check the district website or the district Facebook page between 5:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. when there is inclement weather.