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    Who we are:

     Mrs. Laurel Elliott — Students with last name A-L, all grades
     (719) 538-4805

     Mrs. Siobhan Gallagher — Students with last name M-Z, all grades
     (719) 579-2737

    The counselors here at Panorama support students for a variety of reasons, we also collaborate with teachers and parents and lead several different types of groups. 

    If a student wants to come and see us we ask that they sign in on our counselors' clipboard in the front office. We will call and meet with them as soon as we are available.

    Parents can reach out to us for support when they feel their child might benefit from counseling, whether it is during the school day or outside of school. We also have multiple contacts throughout the community who we can contact to provide additional support for our students and families.

    As the counselors, we have developed a WEB program, made up of our best 7th and 8th grade students, that work with our new 6th graders throughout the year. WEB leaders conduct the 6th Grade Cougar Camp at the beginning of the year and develop relationships with their 6th grade counterparts. They will also at times spend lunch with their 6th graders to continue the process of support for them.

    More information can be obtained by contacting your counselor at the numbers provided.

    Thank you,

    Counseling Team