English Language Learners

  • At Carmel Middle School we have the privilege of offering non-English proficient students specific classes to help meet their academic and language needs.


    These classes are referred to as Culturally Linguistically Diverse Education (CLDE) classes. They allow students to receive additional language support while learning the same content as any other student in the same grade. CLDE classes include social studies, mathematics, language arts, and science, and provide additional time dedicated to practicing English language skills in scheduled intervention classes designed specifically for that student.


    What makes CLDE classes helpful for non-English proficient students is the structure of the lessons. They are designed to ensure students do not fall behind in their core classes, while helping to minimize a language barrier through the use of dictionaries, computers, and differentiated instruction. CLDE classes also allow students who are new to the United States time to feel comfortable within the school and the culture, while also giving teachers an understanding of their needs and situation because they are dedicated only to those students.