Department Overview

  • The Teaching and Learning Department provides support and supervision to schools and campus leaders across the district. In coordination with College Career Readiness, Special Programs Department, Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education (CLDE), Gifted & Talented, Research, Data & Accountability, and Instructional Technology, we strive to ensure that each child reaches their fullest potential.

    What does each department do?

    College Career Readiness
    Harrison School District Two is proud to have concurrent enrollment partnerships with Colorado State University-Pueblo, Pikes Peak Community College, and the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Concurrent enrollment opportunities allow our students to take college credit-bearing courses while they are still in high school. 

    Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education
    The CLDE Department supports students who speak a language and are from a culture other than English and American.

    Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment
    The CIA Department provides dynamic curricula, valid and reliable assessments, and quality professional development that all lead to effective instruction to prepare every student for any college or career.

    Gifted Education
    Gifted Education is intended to identify students who perform and think differently than most of their peers. Once identified, experiences are tailored to match the specific interests and areas of giftedness in order to maximize development.

    Instructional Technology
    Our team provides support to teachers, administrators, and other district personnel in order to create a personalized learning environment with improved student achievement. Specifically, the team will be responsible for providing leadership in instructional technology, innovative educational practices, information literacy, curriculum support, and staff technology training district-wide.

    Research, Data & Accountability
    The RDA Department supports schools by providing expertise, information, and analysis of student achievement for the purpose of teacher evaluation; develops, publishes, and distributes descriptive and statistical information analyzing student achievement data from both the state and district assessments; interprets and disseminates school accountability reports and summaries for the district. RDA also provides formative and summative program evaluations to schools and district policymakers to facilitate the decision-making process. 

    Special Programs
    The Department of Special Education plans and delivers programming for students who have a diagnosed difference making them eligible for additional support. HSD2 works through center-based programs to serve students with greater differences.

    Please see each department for detailed information. 


  • Rachel Laufer
    Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

    April Tooke