Department Overview

  • Purpose:
    The Research, Data and Accountability (RDA) Department supports schools by providing expertise, information, and analysis of student achievement for the purpose of teacher evaluation; develops, publishes, and distributes descriptive and statistical information analyzing student achievement data from both the state and district assessments; interprets and disseminates school accountability reports and summaries for the district. RDA also provides formative and summative program evaluations to schools and district policymakers to facilitate the decision-making process. Members of RDA respond to school special requests for achievement data and interpretation of achievement results.


    1. The RDA Department establishes the criteria used to conduct annual evaluations of student achievement for staff and administrators. RDA produces the annual evaluation of student achievement ratings for each staff member and administrator to be included in summative evaluations and processes requests for review submitted by staff and administrators.

    2. The RDA Department oversees and coordinates the administration of national and state assessments across the District. This includes training all school assessment coordinators and ensuring that all national and state assessments are administered in a standardized and ethical manner. RDA receives the results of the national and state assessments to produce summaries and charts for dissemination to the District.

    3. The RDA Department supports the district and schools in using data to facilitate informed, data-driven decision making. Data analysis includes conducting program evaluations of instructional materials, programs, and processes. RDA produces summative and ad-hoc data reports and provides support with student achievement data systems.

    4. The RDA Department supports district-wide processes and protocols for internal and external data requests. This includes the development of procedures to ensure appropriate access to data, the security of student data, and data ownership roles and responsibilities. RDA provides a standardized research request form and data-sharing agreement and oversees and processes external data and/or research requests (including requests from district employees who wish to conduct research to fulfill their course/degree requirements).


  • Research, Data & Accountability Department