Principal's Corner

  • Dear Parents/Guardians and Students of SME,

    Welcome back! We are so excited to start another school year with you!  We have had a few changes in staff this year.  Below please find the list of new staff members.  We are pleased to have such a great group of people here at Stratton Meadows to work with your students!

    Yarah Morales-Deleon - Principal's Secretary              

    Kierra Kohlbeck - 5th grade                            Sylvia Nelson - SPED Mods Teacher              Susan Quintana - Kindergarten Para

    Kevin Bartlett - 3rd grade                               Rayna Mendiola - SPED Mods Teacher           Vanessa Villagrana - Kindergarten Para

    Tiffany Bartley - 3rd grade                               Christina Ochsie - SSN Teacher                    Sandra Curry - READ Para

    Casey Martel - 2nd grade                               Tanya Hubbard - TAP Teacher                      Tashala Simpson - Speech

    Courtney Pidgeon - 1st grade                          Miracle Peoples - SSN Para                          Cory Stone - Occupational Therapist

    Isabel Alvarado - Kindergarten                        Samantha Goodson - SSN Para                    Kayla Jones - Kitchen Helper

    Veronica Haley - Social Worker                        Brandy Fink - SPED TAP Para

    Vasty Sanchez-Nelson - Literacy Coach            Patrick Munn - SPED TAP Para


    We will continue using our Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) with our PAWS matrix and Love and Logic.

    P-A-W-S stands for: P-Positive attitude!  A-Act responsibly!  W-Wise choices!  S-Show respect!  The PAWS Matrix outlines behavior expectations for all students in all areas of the building (Classroom, Hallway, Bathrooms, Auditorium, Bus, Playground, and Cafeteria). We will have positive incentives and students will be rewarded with PAW tickets.  PAW tickets can be given to any student demonstrating exceptional behavior. We will have posters around the school that outline our expectations and make it easy for students to get “caught being good!”  Love and Logic helps students understand natural consequences to behavior and builds responsibility for their actions.

    For Social/Emotional Learning, we will implement the Sanford Harmony curriculum in all grades.  Last year we piloted it in Kindergarten and in one of Mrs. Long’s classes and it helped our students with building relationships, building community and problem-solving.  We believe its success can be spread throughout the school, so all students have coping skills and are better able to meet their own relationship needs.  We are very excited about this!

    We have no changes in our core instruction this year with our reading program for Kindergarten through third grade being Wonders.  Fourth and fifth-grade curriculum will use Wonders and other resources to meet state standards. For K-5 math, we will continue to use Eureka which teaches math the way kids think.

    We are always looking for volunteers through our Very Involved Parent (VIP) program and PTO program. If you are able, we’d love to have you partner with us as a volunteer. Please stop in and see us if you can!


    Dr. Christina Clayton