Athletics Department

  • Sand Creek International’s Athletic Department understands the benefits that athletic programs have on aiding our students in becoming positive members of a global society who are persistent, open-minded, reflective, and courageous. The purpose of the Athletic Department at Sand Creek International is to provide our students with a challenging environment that aids in their academic, social, emotional, and physical development. We believe that while participating in athletics at Sand Creek International, our students will learn valuable life lessons that help build on the IB curriculum from their courses as well as build meaningful relationships within their school and community.  While at Sand Creek International, our 6th - 8th grade students will have the opportunity to participate in the following sports:

    Fall Sports (August 8th-September 30th)

    Late Fall Sports (October 3rd-November 19th) 

    • Co-Ed Wrestling (combined district team at Panorama Middle School) (October 3rd-November 19th)
    • Girls' Soccer (combined with PMS and SECS at Panorama Middle School) (October 3rd-November 7th)

    Winter Sports (November 14th-March 14th)

    Spring Sports (March 13th-May 11th)

    • Boys' Soccer (March 22nd-May 13th)
    • Boys' and Girls' Track (March 22nd-May 13th)
    • Girls' Softball (combined district team at Carmel Community School) (March 13th-May 11th)

    Visit the Athletics Schedule Page to see the latest Sports Schedule.

    If you have any questions, please contact our Athletic Director, Michael Frenzel -


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