• The Sand Creek Social Counseling Department consists of a full time Counselor as well as a full time Social Worker. This department is able to provide a variety of services and support to our students and families. The office can direct you to either our counselor or social worker anytime you need support from this team, they can provide recommendations and information on community based resources that can support students and families with a wide variety of needs. 


    In addition to our counselor and social worker, all teachers are also a part of our Social Emotional Learning curriculum. We use the Sanford Harmony program to teach students about tolerance, diversity, empathy and other important life skills. Starting in the 2019-20 school year, classrooms implement a Morning Meeting model to help build strong classroom community. We are also beginning to implement Restorative Practices in both elementary and middle school grades. 


    In addition, we have two special programs we run through our Social Counseling Department for our 5th Grade Students:

    Student Ambassadors

    Each year 6-8 students are chosen to serve as student ambassadors. One of their main roles is to welcome new students to our school throughout the day. These ambassadors give a tour to our new students and introduce them to the staff members they will be interacting with on a daily basis. 

    Mentoring Program

    Each year all of our staff members choose a 5th grade student to serve as a mentor. This staff member could be a previous teacher, a custodian, an office secretary, the PE teacher or the principal. The staff member checks in with their mentee 5th grader on a regular basis to provide individualized support both with academics and social/emotional needs. This program is designed to ensure that our 5th grade students are extremely prepared for the transition to middle school.