Shannon Felli - Counselor

  • Hello! Welcome back to the Panthers for another exciting school year at Otero Elementary! I am Shannon Felli, your school counselor, and I am pleased to meet and work with each one of you. I am new to the Panther family, and it is my hope that this school year will be full of successful experiences for all students and their families. The school counseling program at Otero Elementary is designed to be proactive and preventive. Together they can support our students and community in a variety of ways.

    At Otero Elementary, school counseling services will be available to all students and their families. The following are the key components that make up our school counseling program:

    * Social Groups : Focuses on our students' development, such as academic, social-emotional, and career exploration. Each month, a newsletter will be sent home with your students to inform you of their monthly goals and there are even activities for the parents to participate in as well.

    * Small Groups: Helps to foster healthy peer relationships and a sense of belonging while reducing social isolation and unpleasant emotions.

    * Short-term Individual Counseling:  Helps students in exploring their feelings, beliefs, and behaviors by overcoming challenging or influential obstacles they may encounter.  This will help your child in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and others, setting personal goals, and striving for positive changes to support their academic success to help foster their potential for future achievements.

    * Consultation with parents and teachers

    * School-related resources

    * School Program Activities (Paw Student Achievement, Capturing Kids Hearts, Attendance Contests, Career Exploration, Random Acts of Kindness Club, and more)

    How does a student see their school counselor?

    - Self-referral

    - Parent referral

    - Referral by a teacher, administrator, or relevant school staff

    - Referral by a friend

    Additionally, our school resource team can provide resources to parents academic and behavioral strategies that help kids succeed in school, in addition to being able to coordinate community resources for families in need of extra services. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any concerns about your child. Let’s have a PAW-SOME school year!

    Shannon Felli, B.S., M.Ed.

    Shannon Felli

    Shannon Felli