By The Numbers

  • Oak Creek is a small community school where we personally get to know each and every child! We have earned a prestigious Early Literacy Grant (ELG) that provides extra resources for our students and teachers. Schools from around the state come to our school to view our reading strategies that produce excellent outcomes for our students.

    Every class has two adults per classroom for the entire literacy block. The student:teacher ratio during Reading class is 10:1.

    Come check out our welcoming environment, our small class sizes, and our exceptional teachers! 

    Our Students:

    • 212 awesome young student/leaders in grades K-5

    Points of Interest:

    • 45 minute enrichment/interventions for every student in the school!
    • 4 Reading Support Teachers dedicated to improving reading skills
    • 3 Technology Labs
    • 4 Classrooms with 1-to-1 computers for students in grade 3 and 4

    Multiple Clubs and Activities including:

    • Art Club
    • Music Club
    • Math Club
    • Extended Learning Opportunities (Reading and Math)
    • Landsharks Running Club

    Oak Creek Running Club