Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Agee

About Me:

  I live in Pueblo West with my husband and our 2 children and 2 dogs.  My daughter, Ariella, is in fifth grade this year, and my son, Ammon, is a Freshman in high school.  I have lived in Colorado for my whole life, and I love to hike in the mountains.  I enjoy practicing yoga, and I love to sing and write music.

My Philosophy:

 Music is inherently connected to all of the contents we learn in school.  Music is an important aspect of our communities, our culture, and our history.  Sound is a science.  Music is a language.  And music theory is highly mathematical.  Music is also a great way to explore and express our thoughts and feelings.  I believe in the power of music.  Participating in musical activities contributes to brain development, and it can help us to self-regulate.  Music can bring people together. 

  I like to make music class as fun and engaging as possible.  I also hope to include an abundance of music literacy and music theory for the benefit of our young musicians.  I have learned that all human beings can become great musicians with enough practice.  In the music room, students will be analyzing music, moving to music, practicing performance skills, singing, playing instruments, and expressing original musical ideas.

So Far This School Year:

  In the music room, we have covered the fundamentals of:

- Beat

- Rhythm

- Pitch

- Melody

We have learned basic technique (how to properly hold and make sound with) on:

- Drums

- Mallet instruments (xylophones)

- Non-pitched percussion

- Ukuleles

- Piano Keyboards


This Quarter:

  We will be exploring the basics of:

- Melody and Harmony

- Meter

- Expressive Qualities: Dynamics, Tempo, Articulation

  We will continue to explore, read, and compose on:

- Mallet instruments

- Piano Keyboards

- Chrome Music Lab and Quaver Music



  If you ever have any questions about Turman's music program, please feel free to contact me: