eLearning at Sand Creek International for the 2020-21 School Year

  • All students will be eLearners from Nov. 30th-Dec. 17th due to the rising COVID-19 cases in our community. All students will take home their laptops and chargers, as well as instructional materials and supplies before Thanksgiving Break to be prepared for eLearning. Teachers will provide each student and family with a detailed schedule for eLearning. Schedules will include livestreaming time for core content areas as well as peer to peer contact time for socialization and office hours for families to get support as needed. Class Dojo is our primary communication tool and CANVAS is the platform for all student online classes. 

    Daily Schedule and Attendance:
    -Each school day will begin at 8:35 am and end at 3:35 pm, which will include Mondays (so no late start Mondays during eLearning Nov. 30th - Dec. 17th)

    -For elementary, the school day will consist of livestreamed reading, math, interventions, and social-emotional time. There will also be office hours available for student and family questions. Each teacher will provide the specific times for these.

    -For middle school, the school day will consist of 1st - 4th-period livestreamed (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies), as well as 7th-period Advisory, will be livestreamed. Some students will be invited to small group interventions in the afternoon. Students will complete their electives asynchronously with assignments in CANVAS.

    -Students need to login to IC and check themselves in for daily attendance (teachers will provide reminders throughout the school day for them to do so)

    Instructional Overview:
    - All eLearning students are provided a Chromebook, charger, and a kit of instructional and school supplies to use at home (notebooks, whiteboards, markers, highlighters, post its, math workbooks, reading materials, etc)

    - eLearners are provided a daily schedule with required livestream sessions (synchronous learning) focused on reading and math. Additional livestream sessions are available for small group support and/or interventions

    - Outside of required livestream times, the rest of the school day focused on assignments students will find in CANVAS (asynchronous learning) which includes science and social studies, as well as additional time for assignments and online programs in reading and/or math

    - Office hours are available daily to support students with school work and any general questions families have about eLearning

    Social-Emotional Support:
    - Our counselor and social worker have setup optional Lunch Bunch times at each grade level for eLearners to be able to interact with one another and with students here in-person as well. eLearners just need to let their teachers know if they want to be included in one of these lunch bunch groups!

    - Most eLearning teachers are also providing opportunities throughout the week for more community building classroom activities, which may take the form of Morning Meeting in Elementary and Advisory in Middle School.

    Access to Resources/Events:
    - eLearning students are able to come and pick up lunch each school day between 11 am-12:30 pm at the front office.

    - During events such as Picture Day, eLearners are able to come to school to participate if they so choose