What's New at CRA

  • Hexter Scheduling

    Career Readiness Academy has moved to a Hexter scheduling model, each Hexter being 6 weeks, with 3 Hexters in a semester. Students are expected to complete 3 OMI classes per Hexter, giving them the opportunity to earn 9 credits or more in a year.


    Work-Based Learning Market Place

    Work-based learning is a continuum of activities that occur in part or in whole, in the workplace, providing the learner with hands-on real-world experiences. Learning about work, learning through work, and learning at work.

    Connecting student's talents, interests, and aptitudes to the economic landscape is The Market Place mission. Students will have opportunities to do job shadowing, internships (unpaid and paid) as well as apprenticeships. Career Readiness Academy is here to help you explore your future!