A. Gallegos

    Panorama Cougars! It is with great pride and a humble heart that I join you as your principal for the 2020-2021 school year and beyond. Having taught both middle school and high school in the district in the past, I look forward to rejoining the Harrison School District 2 family. The Deerfield community is near to my heart as I had called it home for nearly the last two decades. Being your principal is my greatest honor, and the responsibility of the successful execution of our scholars' education is one I take seriously. I come to you with years of successful secondary experience teaching and leading at both the high school and middle school levels. My educational passion is for helping students! I empower teachers and school leaders to make personal and academic gains with scholars by unlocking their talent through healthy student relationships, community partnerships, and solid instructional practice. Infusing joy into a safe and relevant learning environment for all to thrive is my ultimate goal!

    It is my full aim that Panorama Middle School students receive a meaningful learning experience that truly impacts their ability to set course and navigate the trajectory of the educational journey, transcending the classroom and school building. The responsibility of fostering learning, curiosity, risk-taking, leadership, and civic responsibility is shared between school, family, and community. Panorama Middle School and its stakeholders communicate, collaborate, and problem-solve to destroy barriers, perceived or real, that hinder any students' ability to access their education and educational resources at the highest level, regardless of factors that would traditional identify a student as high risk.  Panorama and its partners are dedicated to engaging in work that not only transforms the lives of students inside the wall of the middle school but that can be felt and seen in the community at large.

    Each student and staff member along with their skills and abilities, their personality, their potential, and their dreams will all be honored at Panorama. These will be important factors in creating a positive and successful middle school experience for all scholars to learn and educators to teach as we prepare our learners for the world beyond the school doors! And speaking of doors, mine is ALWAYS open to the students, faculty, staff, parents, and community of Panorama. We are a family. Thank you for this honor to serve you. Words cannot express how very excited I am to get to know all of you. Thank you again for the honor of allowing me to serve the Panorama students and community.


    With Cougar Pride,

    Anitra Gallegos
    Panorama Middle School
    Email: agallegos@hsd2.org
    Phone: 719-579-2720