Restorative Justice

  • The Mindset Shift:

    “who is wrong and how should they be punished?”

    “who is affected by what happened, and how?”

    In partnership with the Youth Transformation Center, Harrison High School has a restorative justice program. Restorative justice (RJ) is a powerful approach to discipline that focuses on repairing harm through inclusive processes that shift the focus of discipline from punishment to learning, and from the individual to the community. 

    This year, there are thirty student ambassadors of the Restorative Justice program and fifteen trained staff members, which include teachers, counselors, and administrators. Both student and staff working on the program work as peer mediators and co-facilitators with help from the Youth Transformation Center. The main goal of Harrison’s Restorative Justice program is to reduce the number of in-school and out-of-school suspensions and expulsions, reduce bullying incidents and create a more inclusive climate for all students.