About Us

  • Our Purpose
    Sand Creek International is an established neighborhood school that has a strong partnership with the community. At Sand Creek, we strive to ensure continuous improvement in student achievement through a safe and positive learning environment.

    School Mission
    Our school will develop globally-minded citizens who make meaningful contributions to the world through reflective inquiry, creativity, and problem-solving.

    School Vision
    Inspiring Students to G.R.O.W.
    Great Collaboration. Respectful Relationships. Outstanding Achievement. Welcoming Environment

    Our Educators
    The Sand Creek staff is a committed group of educators who continually study the best instructional practices and go above and beyond to meet students' needs. Our staff of over 70 teachers and paraprofessionals represent highly qualified individuals with a great passion for helping all students reach their potential. Classroom teachers and administrators meet on a weekly basis to align curriculum, review student achievement data, make improvements and give feedback on the progress of various educational programs. Sand Creek values high-quality teachers and offers many opportunities for professional development to all staff members.

    Our Students
    Our students are proud to be Sand Creek Yetis! Our students, with their rich and diverse backgrounds, tie the school community together and teach students and staff to celebrate, respect and learn from their differences. In addition to our students, our community includes many extended family members. We welcome parents, grandparents, and others to become part of the Sand Creek Family.

    Our History
    Established in 1996, Sand Creek International School was named for the creek that we are located near. It was built to support the new housing developments being built in the area. Originally, there was a grant with the city to include a Family Center within the school, and while that partnership has ended, the extra space in the school building has been beneficial as our school population continues to grow. Part of our growing population is due to the fact that we are located right on the border of another school district, and our gorgeous school building attracts many families to Sand Creek. A couple of years ago we celebrated our 20th year anniversary as a school, we buried a time capsule with artifacts that the staff and students can unearth in 20 more years!

    Sand Creek started as a traditional K-5 school with an average of 85 students in each grade level. Since the school was first built, we have also been home to preschool programs and a severe needs special education program. In recent years, we have added an autism program as well as a Spanish program for students in all grades. We are also home to an Early Connections program for young children, and they provide before and after school daycare for our students. Our school population also includes around 150 English Language Learners. In 2015 we applied to become an IB Candidate school, and revised our approach and curriculum to incorporate the standards of IB with a more global and inquiry approach for our students. In 2017 we were named an official IB school and changed our name to reflect this, becoming Sand Creek International.

    In the November 2018 election, voters passed a $180 bond for Harrison School District, starting a series of six years of capital improvement projects throughout the district. The first of these major projects was investing almost $12 million into Sand Creek International to build a new wing on the school grounds, allowing us to expand to a K-8 school. Sand Creek International started this process by enrolling 6th graders for the 2019-20 school year, 7th grade in 2020-21 and 8th grade in 2021-22.