School Uniform Policy

  • Mountain Vista is a uniform school because uniforms have been shown to increase academic success, reduce gang affiliations, improve self-confidence, and make intruders easier to identify. It is our goal to take the focus off of clothing and remove distractions from the learning environment. Parents are encouraged to contact the school prior to purchasing uniforms if they have questions or are uncertain about what to purchase.

    Uniform Requirements:

    Shirts - All shirts must be solid Navy, Maroon, or White ONLY. Shirts must be collared (Polo style or Button up/Oxford Style). 

    BottomsNavy Blue, Khaki, or Maroon colored ONLY.  Pants, skirts, or shorts must not be denim, skinny, stretchy, jeggings, or spandex. No jean-type pants or tight pants allowed.

    Uniforms with handwriting on them are not allowed to be worn.

    Accessories - Belts can be Blue, Maroon, White, Black, Brown, or Khaki. Belt buckles must be plain. Shoes may be any color or style EXCEPT - no flip flops or slippers; shoes should cover toes and have a back.

    Hats, Hoods, or Other Head Coverings must not be worn in the school building. Other Accessories must be modest in style and not distract from the learning environment. No Bandanas of any kind may be worn.

    Skirts/Dresses - Skirts and dresses should be no shorter than right above the knee cap.

    Coats/Jackets/Hoodies - Only school colors (Navy Blue, Khaki, or Maroon) will be permitted inside the building.

    When students earn a Dress Down Pass, they must follow these expectations: pants/jeans without holes or rips, appropriate length shirts and skirts/dresses, clothes without obscene or vulgar language, and clothing that would not be a distraction to learning. Leggings are only allowed on Dress Down Days if the shirt or dress reaches mid-thigh length.

    Uniform Infractions

    All students must wear the approved uniform at Mountain Vista Community School. The individual classroom teacher and/or team leader will determine if a student is not in compliance with uniform expectations. Students will be asked to correct the situation immediately. If the uniform code is violated, the student will be sent to the office where he/she will have an opportunity to correct the violation, and a parent phone call will be made. Repeated uniform infractions will be documented and could result in disciplinary action.


      Uniform Samples