• As an IB school, our teachers integrate content areas on a daily basis. For example, students may be learning about science or social studies topics while using and building reading and writing skills. Our teachers access a wide variety of curriculum resources in order to bring daily instruction to life that is engaging for students:


    Sand Creek International utilizes a Balanced Literacy model addressing all five components of reading. Kindergarten through 2nd-grade teachers are provided with Wonders Reading Curriculum to use as a resource to teach young learners how to read. Students in Kindergarten through 4th-grade are involved in whole group reading lessons, and in addition, instruction is targeted to individual students' needs using a Guided Reading model where students spend time in a small group with their teacher engaged in a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. In the Middle School grades teachers are provided with Study Sync which is an online program to support students enhancing their reading skills. 


    At Sand Creek, writing instruction is based upon the Write Tools model. Students learn Explanatory, Opinion, and Narrative writing in every grade level. This program includes an organized approach using colors to teach students the best ways to organize their writing and engage their audience. In Kindergarten and 1st-grade students are working on the structure and format of writing a paragraph, whereas in the upper elementary and middle school grades students are reading complex texts and using evidence and reasoning to support their thesis statement in a written essay.


    Kindergarten through 8th-grade students utilize the Eureka Math curriculum as a foundation for their learning of math concepts and skills. Our school has a focus on balancing conceptual math instruction along with building the foundations of computational skills for students. In math, we have begun to implement Cognitively Guided Instruction methods and a 3 Read Protocol to help students with mathematical reasoning. 

    Science and Social Studies

    Students in all grade levels are provided access to instructional magazines focused on Science and Social Studies topics such as Time for Kids, Scholastic News, and National Geographic Explorer. Teachers utilize Discovery Education, an online program, for online videos, lessons, and textbooks for students in Science and Social Studies. The integrated units range from teaching insects and life cycles in Kindergarten to human rights and social issues in 5th grade.


    Students are also involved in a variety of specials and electives on a daily basis. Elementary students rotate through Art, Music, PE and Spanish, we have a full-time teacher in each of these content areas. We also have a Technology teacher that works with students in the classrooms, Learning Commons, and Computer Labs, learning Computer Science Standards and enhancing their use of technology as a learner.  Middle School students have the option to enroll in a variety of Electives including Choir, Beginning Band, Art, Design, Spanish, and PE/Health.