• Soaring Eagles offers a Gifted Education program for third through fifth grade and an advanced learning program for kindergarten through second grade. These classes allow students to learn at an accelerated pace preparing them for higher-level classes in middle and high school. 

    Our mission is to educate all students through high expectations and rigorous instruction by fostering relationships in a safe and caring environment, allowing students to SOAR to success.

    Soaring Eagles will lay the foundation and provide tools for students to be inspired to create their own future in our rapidly changing world.

    Core Beliefs
    - Learning is an expectation for every student.

    - A safe and caring environment includes a commitment to meaningful student and staff relationships.

    - Collaborative relationships between students, staff, families, and our community are integral to student success.

    - Rigorous instruction, student engagement, staff collaboration, and frequent analysis of data are pathways to quality instruction.