Philosophy and Practice Statement

  • As a school community comprised of a very diverse population of students and families it is important to define respectful, all-inclusive community standards for our future, continued successful operation. To encourage an all-inclusive environment and support all students and families, regardless of social, political, or religious differences certain parameters must be established. 

    It is the practice that all staff, students, and families will not engage in conversations, actions, or suggestions related to social, political, or religious content outside of appropriate, academic discourse during a class. This practice aligns with the school’s philosophy of respecting all families as the primary educators of their student/s. Thrive Home School Academy serves to enrich the academic experience of students while respecting the autonomy of the parent and student by not imposing any social, political, or religious doctrines during the one school day each week.  

    Thrive Home School Academy administration and staff will reinforce these practices as part of the regular school day.