• Thrive Home School Academy exists to support and supplement the education of students being taught in a home-based environment. As the school continues to expand each year, attendance is an important component of activities, special events and funding. Therefore, we ask that the following attendance guidelines are observed throughout the academic year. Understandably, homeschooling families have a variety of activities which they participate. We ask that the following attendance guidelines be observed during the academic year.  

    Fall Semester – September through December 

    CDE Count Window 

    Students need to attend as many days as possible during the Colorado Department of Education Count Window. The attendance data from September – November is submitted to the state of Colorado to establish funding of the school. Students deemed ineligible to fund as a result of insufficient attendance may become ineligible for continued enrollment at Thrive Home School Academy.  

    It is imperative students attend consistently during these months.  

    Spring Semester – January through May 

    Students need to attend Thrive Home School Academy 75% of the time during the return from Winter Break to Spring Break (about 13 days). 75% of scheduled class time amounts to missing (4) school days during this period. 

    Students not meeting the attendance criteria may become ineligible for participation in activities such as field trips, standardized testing, PPCC concurrent enrollment, and other special events.  

    Overall Attendance Expectations 

    Upon enrolling, it is expected students attend the entire day, exceptions being made for appointments and other events. Students are unable to select classes to attend in an “a la carte” manner. 

    Notification from a parent or guardian is expected when the student will not be attending the school for an extended period of time. It is appreciated when the student will be absent for a day. 

    If at any time a student is absent four (4) consecutive weeks, without notification from a parent or guardian, they will be disenrolled.