• SHS

    Sierra High School was the second high school to be built in Colorado Springs School District 2. It is the most populated high school in the district.

    The school's mascot is a Stallion, and the school colors are cardinal and gold.

    Sierra won the Bronze Medal from U.S. News and World Report in 2016 and is ranked once again in 2019. It is a high achieving high school in Colorado Springs that offers concurrent enrollment courses, open Advanced Placement classes and the only school in Colorado Springs with an Alliance with Colorado State University in which Sierra graduates receive a $20,000 scholarship to attend CSU-Fort Collins.

    Instructional Focus and Absolutes

    Our Instructional Focus for 2019-2020 is Instructional and Engagement Complexity via Multiple Response Strategies, Questioning Strategies (Academic Discourse) and Task Complexity (Challenging Activities). This focus ties directly into our daily Instructional Absolutes.

    Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum

    Sierra High School is at the forefront of Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum, which the Non-negotiables support. We promote a classroom environment where Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Thinking occurs daily. For 2017-18, we are now researching how to embed Math analytical and reasoning skills across the curriculum as well. These skills support inquiry, critical thinking, and complexity. The goal is for our scholars to be able to transfer learning between contents and across multiple scenarios – thus developing complex thinkers who create their own knowledge.