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  • Year-round schools offer something different for students and families

    July is a quiet month for many schools, as students are out of the classroom and several weeks into their summer break.

    At Turman and Stratmoor Hills Elementary, however, July is often much busier, as students and teachers return to campus for the start of another school year.

    That’s because the two schools offer a year-round instructional calendar, the only schools to do so in Harrison School District Two.

    Though it’s not the norm, many District Two families have embraced the adjusted schedule at Turman and Stratmoor Hills because of the opportunities it can provide.

    One of the biggest advantages of a year-round school is that it helps combat the ‘summer slide’ – the idea that some students don’t retain all they’ve learned in the previous school year because of a lengthy summer break. It may also lead to increased student achievement. A 2012 study of 51 public elementary schools in Texas showed that the average passing rate was higher for students at year-round schools as compared to those at traditional schools.

    Both Turman and Stratmoor Hills help contribute to that idea, as each provides intervention and enrichment opportunities during interim breaks throughout the year in an effort to support students reaching and exceeding grade level outcomes.

    A closer look at each school reveals even more strengths.

    Stratmoor Hills is one of the only elementary schools in the area that provides band and art opportunities to fourth- and fifth-grade students. Students also benefit from the school’s several STEAM opportunities and high staff retention rate.

    Both schools offer preschool classes, including nine at Turman alone.

    Turman’s students also can get hands-on with technology, as the school stocks a supply of more than 170 iPads and provides a 1:1 student-to-computer ratio. Additionally, the school has a computer resource teacher who provides technology instruction to students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

    The school also is actively involved with the Deerfield Hills Community Center as a way to provide after-school programs and childcare during interim breaks for students.

    The two schools will begin the new school year July 8.

    It’s not the ‘average’ school schedule, but one look at Turman and Stratmoor Hills will show you what makes them far above-average venues for students.

    We encourage you to contact the schools and our district for more information about these schools and to learn if they could be the right fit for your student.


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