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Facility Use District Policy

  1. Whenever a community group is permitted to use a school or other facility, at least one district employee (custodian or site supervisor) must be on hand, paid for by the organization, when in the opinion of the principal it is necessary to supervise the individuals and protect school property. The number of paid employees assigned shall depend on factors such as the type of service, number to be served and numbers of volunteer helpers.
  2. No permit will be transferred or assigned to any person or group other than the one to whom the rental is issued.
  3. Safety
    All federal, state and local fire and safety laws/regulations governing use of school facilities must be observed at all times, including but not limited to:
    a. Auditorium exit lights must be used.
    b. Open flame (including candles) is prohibited.
    c. Room capacity is not exceeded.
    d. Temporary electrical or mechanical modifications are prohibited.
    e. Flammable holiday or other decorations are prohibited.
    f. Stairways, corridors and entrances/exits must be kept free of obstruction at all times.
    g. No equipment, scenery or decorations of any type may be used within the building or on the building premises except as specifically provided in the permit. Such equipment, scenery or decorations must meet current safety standards including but not limited to being slow burning/fire preventative, conforming to all local and state laws and regulations and must not be attached to the walls, floors or ceilings of the building (except to anchors presently provided).
  4. Prohibited Activities
    a. Use or possess alcoholic beverages and/or controlled substances of any kind. Failure to comply will be referred to local law enforcement agencies.
    b. Smoking, chewing, vaping or any other use of tobacco or similar products within the building or on school grounds in accordance with state law and Board policy on tobacco-free schools. If an individual group does not comply with this policy or these regulations, the rental agreement will be terminated, and the group will be denied future use of district facilities for a period of no less than 18 months.
    c. Engage in a disruptive or illegal activity, including loud music or sounds or shouting, obscene language, quarreling or fighting.
    d. Engage in any gambling.
  5. Damage
    The approved party will be responsible for all damages and losses to the building and/or the contents and must indemnify and hold harmless the district, its Board and its employees from any claim resulting from or arising out of the use of the school facilities named in the application or any part of the facilities covered in the application. It is recommended that the renter performs a site walk through before and after the event.
  6. The Board will not be held responsible for any damage or loss which may occur to the renter’s property brought on the premises. Such property must be described in the application and set up in a manner acceptable to the district and be fully removed from the facility immediately after the use or before such time that the materials will interfere with school activities.
  7. Insurance
    School district property insurance and comprehensive general liability insurance do not extend to community or other groups using school facilities. The district may require non-school groups to provide certificates of insurance in the following amounts:
    a. Entities which can establish coverage under the Colorado Governmental Immunity (“Act”) must provide certification of proof of insurance at least to the limitations provided in the Act and acceptable to the district.
    b. All other entities not protected by the limitations of the Colorado Governmental Immunity (“Act”) must provide a certificate of insurance in the amount of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate for all facilities except the swimming pool.
  8. Locations
    All applications will be approved for specific and identified rooms or fields. It will be the responsibility of the approved party to manage and restrict the activities of the group to that specific area except for necessary hallways and restrooms. The approved party is responsible for managing the behavior of attendees and not allowing unauthorized individuals into the approved area or activity. The presence of unauthorized individuals must be reported to the district site supervisor on duty and may result in the immediate termination of the rental agreement.
  9. Times
    Facility use times will be specified in the application. All groups are expected to enter and vacate the premises at the time specified and agreed to. An additional time rental may be charged for early arrival or late exit. All use permits will terminate by 9 p.m. Exceptions to this may be approved by the principal. No non-school groups will be permitted use of facilities on regularly scheduled school days prior to the ending time for students.
  10. Days
    Facilities may be rented Monday through Friday as space is available and as such rental does not interrupt or disturb regular school activities. Saturday and Sunday use of school facilities may be permitted and will be subject to staff availability where applicable. Summer use may be limited due to custodial work schedules.
  11. Clean Up
    General cleanup will be the responsibility of the approved party and is deemed acceptable in the sole judgement of the district. Rubbish must be removed from the facility immediately after use or before such time, as it will interfere with school activities. Additional fees will be charged for clean up when deemed necessary.

Guidelines for Religious Use
Facilities may be used for religious activities under the following conditions:
1.) Church services and religious activities must be conducted at times when school is not in session.
2.) Religious objects and symbols must be removed after each use.

All users are subject to laws and regulations applicable to school districts which prohibit discrimination based upon age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, race, color, religion, marital status or disability or any other legally protected category.