Applying for a Grant

  • This process exists to provide school-based and district-based administrators with support for their efforts in seeking grants that are aligned to the HSD2 Strategic Plan, HSD2 District Goals, or Specific to School or Department Goals. 

    Please click here to fill out the Grants Department's Fact Sheet for a new grant. For best results, please download the form to your computer and complete it before emailing to Aly Gideon - All HSD2 Staff must complete this form to move forward with applying for any type of grant. 


Recently Awarded Grants

  • 6 Grant Application Questions to Ask Before Searching for a Grant Opportunity

    6 Grant Application Questions to Ask Yourself | Tech & Learning (

    1. Do you have a compelling idea?

    Over time, others have had great ideas for improving student achievement. While it’s not against any rule to adopt or adapt someone else’s success, the surest way to win a grant is to have a unique idea. Just be sure you can explain why it will work. Either way, be sure it’s logical and it fits into a grant awarder’s list of what they will fund. Funders are looking for great ideas but any has to be within the parameters of what they think will make a difference.

    2. Do you truly need the funding and can you explain why?

    Most schools need money for extras but you will have to explain why your idea is critical. You also have to explain how the grant money will provide an outstanding result for the funder’s investment. Look carefully at what the organization has funded in the past and what they say they’re looking for now.

    3. Do you have the organizational skills to write the proposal?

    It’s one thing to have a great idea and another to write an award-winning proposal. For that, you need organizational skills and the ability to communicate. Make sure you read every grant opportunity carefully to see if your proposal will address everything the funder is looking for. Then make a list to be sure all of your ducks are in a row.

    4. Does the staff have the skills and willingness to carry out the project?

    You may be enthusiastic about your idea and are willing to put in a lot of effort to write the grant and make it work if you win. But do you have the staff on board so everything will go smoothly? Are they committed? You’ll have to stress how much everyone on the team is ready and able to make this work.

    5. Do you have stakeholder buy-in?

    Running a grant is a team effort, one that’s made up of you as the champion, the teachers who will work with students, the staff that provides support, the administration, parents, and in some cases, the school board. You will need to get their support in your efforts to win a grant and include that information in your proposal. Be sure that the grant you pick is for a reputable organization or you may lose support.

    6. Do you have the ability to write a proposal?

    Proposal writing is an art. You have to understand exactly what is being asked and formulate the best answer. To do that, you need to be able to write in clear, simple, convincing terms. Have an elevator pitch, or the ability to express your basic idea in one sentence. You’ll convince the funders if they are certain they know what you want to do.

Partner Spotlight

  • HSD2 is proud to partner with the Rocky Mountain Chapter of AFCEA International on several projects at our schools. 

    AFCEA LogoThe AFCEA Rocky Mountain Chapter serves NORAD-USNORTHCOM, United States Space Force, US Space Command, US Space Force, US Army Strategic Command, US Space & Missile Defense Command, US Air Force Academy, Peterson-Schriever Garrison, Ft Carson, Cheyenne Mtn AFS and Buckley AFB. RMC is a leader in the Colorado Springs community unifying the robust military, government, academic and industry partners to advance the continuing education of today's young leaders in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and computer science fields. We have more than 700 chapter members who are prominent throughout the community in all facets of public service. The Rocky Mountain Chapter is proud to sponsor the premier annual Cyberspace Symposium at the world class Broadmoor Resort. This event attracts senior government, military, academic and industry executives to discuss the ever challenging cyberspace domain and ways to share information and best practices that can improve current and future cyberspace operations. The Chapter also holds monthly luncheons (changed to virtual in 2020 due to COVID); a volunteer appreciation dinner; and the tri-sponsored IMAGE Golf Tournament with the National Defense Industrial Association and Air Force Association (cancelled in 2020 due to COVID). The Chapter provides the Front Range community with over $250,000 annually in scholarships at Pikes Peak Community College and the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, grants to high school, middle school and elementary school teachers and donations to other STEM-related activities across the community.

    Schools that currently receive funding from AFCEA include: 

    • Bricker Elementary School 
    • Otero Elementary School 
    • Harrison High School 
    • Mountain Vista Community School 
    • Wildflower Elementary School 
    • Soaring Eagles Community School 
    • Centennial Elementary School 
    • James Irwin Middle School - Charter
    • James Irwin High School - Charter 


  • Aly Gideon

    Program Evaluation and Grant Writing Manager