Storm Water Program

  • The need to protect our environment has resulted in a number of control laws, regulations, and programs. For example, in 1987, Congress established the Non-point Source Management Program under the Clean Water Act. These programs recommend where and how to use best management practices to keep runoff from becoming polluted. We can all play a hand in preventing runoff pollution:

    • Reduce fertilizer on gardens and lawns
    • Recycle used oil and grease
    • Pick up animal feces from your yard
    • Don't wash your car where the detergent water can run into the stormwater drains

    The school district has a program to reduce this stormwater runoff pollution. If you witness illegal dumping of used oil, or other illicit dumping on school grounds, please report it by calling (719) 579-2045. Together, we can make a difference.

    If you have any questions about our stormwater program, contact the Operation Services Officer, Mark Wilsey, at (719) 579-2045.