Frequently Asked Questions

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    How are students identified as "English Language Learners" (ELL)? 
    In accordance with federal requirements, students enrolling in HSD2 complete a Home Language Identification Form. If this form indicates that a language other than English is a significant influence in the home, the CLDE Department conducts a parent interview to confirm language impact at home. If warranted, the student is then assessed using the Colorado WIDA Screener or WAPT assessment by a CLDE Department Staff member. The test results from the WIDA Screener/WAPT determine the level of ELD services recommended and classification of Non-English Proficient (NEP) or Limited English Proficient (LEP)

    How do students exit the CLDE program?

    • Students who meet the following criteria are reviewed for redesignation to FEP.
    1. achieve an overall score of Level 4 or higher and a Literacy score of Level 4 or higher on the state ACCESS assessment
    2. achieve partially proficient, proficient or advanced on CMAS in Reading
    3. achieve grade-level proficiency on district content assessments

    If students meet the above criteria, then they are redesignated as Fluent English Proficient (FEP) and are placed on monitored status for 2 years before being formally exited from the CLDE program as reclassified Former English Learner (FELL)

    What is the ACCESS test?
    ACCESS 2.0 is the Colorado English Language Assessment used to measure a student's English language acquisition level in the areas of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing in English. ACCESS is administered yearly.  The WIDA Screener/WAPT is the state placement test used to determine an incoming student's language level and eligibility for ELD services to support English language acquisition.

    How can a teacher find out if the student is an ELL?
    Every district school has an assigned CLDE teacher to provide the ELD services needed to identified ELL students at that school. Each CLDE teacher is given a serve list of the ELL students at their school site with their current ESL status. The general education teacher should first reach out and contact the CLDE staff member assigned to their school or they can contact the CLDE Office.