Stallion Student of the Month (November 2020)

  • Dyanna Shanahan Cochran
    Dyanna is a wonderful student who participates in class and encourages her friends when they do well. She loves showing her pets on camera during remote learning. Words teachers used to describe her are: outgoing, kind, helpful, energetic, hardworking, and respectful. Way to show your Stallion Spirit Dyanna
    Aiaj Johnson
    Ajai is a strong leader who helps foster a community of students in and out of the classroom. Her positive personality and honesty draw out the best in those around her, and her humor has us laughing most days. Ajai is described as the most energetic participants during classes one Teams.  She is motivated to engage, which makes the class better for everyone.  Her voice was soft yet powerful, and her big smile was beaming and simply makes everyone happy.  When Ajai graduates, she wants to become a Physician's Assistant. Words that describe Ajai are inquisitive, joyous, kind, intuitive, energetic, sharp, and vivacious.  Go, Ajai!
    Delize Gamez
    Delize is a model student, both academically and socially. She is quick to participate in class and advocates for her needs. She includes her classmates in conversations and responses to their comments and questions, even in a virtual setting. She tries to keep things fun and lighthearted while remaining focused on her learning.  Not only is she an amazing student, but Delzie is also a great athlete! She can balance sports and school very well. She is described as engaged, outgoing, punctual, friendly, and a leader. Delize embodies what it takes to be Stallion Strong.
    Izaiah Swankier
    During a time when there is so much negative going on in this pandemic world we are living in, Izaiah has continually found joy. His teachers appreciate that so much about Izaiah…finding joy is important right now. He has been working really hard to get his grades up this semester. A couple of his teachers had praised him for his efforts in class during the second half of the semester. Iziaiah has formed a special bond with his counselor and one of his teachers, who both state that the joy he brings to them has made their days better.  Keep up the good work, Izaiah.
    Roger Robinson
    Roger Robinson is one of the eLearners who consistently attend classes, submits assignments, and is actively engaged in online classes. He is a leader in the sense that he models the appropriate response and behavior in an online class setting. He is always the first one to respond when teachers ask questions. Roger indeed is a model student who earns it every day!
    Turning Point Academy
    Eric Lujan

    Eric started with Night School with credits that are so behind. Still, with his consistent effort, dedication, and hard work, he completed all his classes online with Night School or Turning Point Academy as of October 2020. He will apply for early graduation from being so behind in credits. He has turned around and deserves to be awarded the Turning Point Academy Award!

Stallion Student of the Month (October 2020)

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    Christian Romansik (11)
    Christian listens deeply with his heart and his mind during every lesson. He is an active participator in class and tries his hardest no matter the task is given. His determination is the reason he "Earns it Every Day."
    Roxanne Barajas (9).
    Roxanne is an active participant in class and is extremely hard working! Despite having obstacles in her way, Roxanne "Earns it Every Day" by being extremely strong and being a great student!
    Kelajane Curry (10)
    Kelajane "Earns it Every Day" by always being positive and finding a way to gain more knowledge and displays natural curiosity. Kelajame is an amazing scholar.
    Mark Joseph Morales (12)
    Mark is new in the country, but he always tries his best to accomplish all his assignments and cope with the new environment. He is also open and willing to ask a question and share his ideas and opinions. Way to "Earn it Every Day" Mark!