September 2020 Newsletter

  • I want to start this month’s newsletter by giving a huge shout out to the STAFF, STUDENTS, and FAMILIES of Panorama Middle School.  In the last month, we have navigated many new things.  Many of the teachers forged ahead into a world of digital teaching.  Students, though they began remote learning in the spring, have been thrust into a new world of live stream learning and independent motivation.  Parents have been patient as they have had to learn and re-learn new schedules.  Not one stakeholder was able to fully function in their comfort zone.  It has taken a lot of understanding and flexibility on everyone’s part. Thank you for all the concentrated efforts in this regard. We have made it through the first month of the year, which is sure to be full of unknowns! 

    Specific information regarding hybrid learning and eLearning can e found on our school’s website under PARENTS AND STUDENTS.  If you have further questions regarding these plans, schedules, or anything else, please feel free to call the school.  We are happy to help. 

    With that being said, I want to remind every student and family that no matter what method of instruction delivery was chosen, students are responsible for attending classes, completing homework, and earning a grade in every class that is on their schedule.  Each teacher, on their Canvas course, does have the weekly expectations and assignments for the week posted as early as 9 a.m. on Monday mornings.  Please know that if your student has not started attending, participation in the class is falling off, or there is a lack of work completion, starting next week, teachers and administration will begin reaching out.  

    Starting Monday, September 14, 2020, all chat functions in the Microsoft Teams application will be permanently disabled.  This decision was made by the administration and was made to ensure students' internet safety.  Many of the chats were not related to content and were becoming more of a distraction than a learning tool.  Students are encouraged to use CANVAS, their email, or other methods to contact their teacher during virtual instruction.  

    Also starting September 14, 2020, our school dress code will start being fully enforced:   

    1. Mask covering nose and mouth.
    2. Tan, black, or navy slacks, finger-tip length shorts, capri pants, or uniform style “skort.”   
    3. Per district policy, “sagging” is not allowed. Full-length pants may not be rolled up to shorten the length. No cut-off shorts. No legging or tights as pants.  
    4. Sweatpants or gym shorts are not allowed!!!
    5. TOPS  (Polo Style Solid Color: Navy, Black, or White only).
      Two or three-button polo style, short or long-sleeved shirt.  
    7. Panorama sweatshirts or shirts are always acceptable.
    8. Jackets (Solid Color: Navy, Black, White, or Grey only).
      Jackets can be worn only if there is no hood on the jacket. Jackets must be of the above colors. A Uniform shirt or Panorama shirt must be worn under the jacket. 

    Intramural Sports will be back this year!  We are excited to still be able to offer some sports this year!  More to come.