Social Media Guidelines

  • Harrison School District Two welcomes you to communicate through our Facebook and Twitter. We encourage open and honest comments; however, we ask that such comments remain civil and productive.

    The purpose of these social media channels is to convey information about the district and its schools; promote and raise awareness of district and school services and activities; and communicate with parents, students, employees, and community members. We thank you for being a fan of Harrison School District Two.

    These channels are not intended to be general public forums covering all topics or posts. In addition, the district manages and moderates the content and comments on its social media sites.

    The comments expressed on social media channels do not necessarily reflect the opinions and position of Harrison School District Two, or the Harrison School District Two Board of Education. If you have any questions concerning the operation of these social media channels, please contact the Harrison School District Two Communications Office.

    If comments are posted, Harrison School District Two reserves the right to delete submissions/comments that it deems offensive or inappropriate, or not relevant to the original topic of a post. Such comments may be hidden from public view and archived for record. Please help us by NOT posting any material or comments that:

    • Create a material or substantial disruption to school district operations or the educational environment;
    • Are vulgar, obscene or sexually explicit;
    • Represent personal or attacks of any kind;
    • Threatens or promotes violence toward any person, or property or advocates or promotes any illegal activity;
    • Violates the privacy of others;
    • Is libelous, slanderous, or defamatory; or
    • Creates a danger of the commission of unlawful acts or violation of district policy, school discipline code of conduct or regulations,
    • Violates copyright and/or other intellectual property rights.
    • Target or disparage any civic, gender, ethnic, racial, religious or other protected group.
    • Advertise, promote or defame a service, person, trademark, product or political organization.
    • Are spam or trolling;
    • Include links to other sites;
    • Are off topic;

    Finally, the comment/follow sections may be revised, turned off, or restricted, as needed. If these guidelines are consistently violated, page administrators also reserve the right to block access.