Community Forum Questions & Answers

  • Construction Questions

    Will there be an outdoor field and track?
    The current outdoor field and track will remain without modifications. The budget only allows updates to the building and the immediate site and does not include the field and track at this time.

    Will there be ADA parking close to the entrance for sporting events?
    There will be five ADA parking stalls for the building, this number is generated from City Standards. There will be ADA ramps and an accessible walk to both the front doors and the gym entrance.

    Will there be closets/storage in classrooms for teachers?
    Each classroom will have built-in cabinetry for storage. Other middle schools in the District were evaluated to provide adequate storage. Also, every grade of teachers has their own workroom, and restroom.

    Will students and the community be able to see the building process?
    The design and construction team will work to offer events such as a beam raising ceremony (with the possibility for the community to sign the beam), ribbon cutting, and possibly tours through the course of construction. Just as at Sand Creek International, the contractor will make efforts to include students, staff, and community.

    Will air quality be tested throughout the demolition?
    Air quality is tested when there are hazardous materials present. Samples will be taken to confirm all known areas of hazardous materials and will be disposed of prior to demolition. 

    Is asbestos a concern? What if it is discovered later?
    Numerous samples have been and are being collected by qualified professionals. This will be removed by regulated standards when students are not present. If there are suspect materials during demolition, the contractors have a process to make the team aware and have it tested. Safety is always the first concern for those in the existing building, new building, and the construction team.

    Safety Questions

    Will there be nighttime security between grade level wings?
    These landscaped areas will be designed with safety in mind. Cameras and surveillance are being designed into the building. These areas are a part of the design to provide natural daylight to each classroom, which is known to improve building comfort.

    How will traffic flow around the building take student safety into consideration? Will there be barriers?
    The design currently separates bus, parent, and pedestrian traffic. There will be a barrier to prevent parents from using the fire loop around the perimeter of the site, with the option for the District to open it, as they see necessary. Traffic control tools, such as stripping, arrows, and signage will be included in the design.

    Community Questions

    Will the community be able to access the gym and auditorium in the summer?
    The doors nearest the gym will be keyed so that they can be opened at the times the District selects. The gym can be locked down from the rest of the building to prevent access to the rest of the school.

    How can a group book the community spaces?
    We are working on the process now and will have it ready next year.

    Will the community have access to Entrada on the weekends?
    The Entrada Clinic will hold its own hours separate from school operating hours. Details will be communicated closer to the building opening.

    Will the adult education area include GED classes? 
    That is part of the plan. The rest of the classes will depend on programs and instructors.

    How do I get a chair from the auditorium if I attended school here as a child?
    The District will evaluate items to be salvaged from the existing building. Unfortunately, the auditorium chairs are connected to an entire row so providing ‘a’ chair will not be possible, without providing the rest of the row with it.

    Misc. Questions

    What is the nutrition plan for the new school? 
    The kitchen will be a full-service kitchen and the menu will offer meals typical of other schools in the District.

    Will there be bus service to the Boys & Girls Club during demolition?
    That is being considered. There will be an activity bus for CMS students.

    Will there be a community liaison position opening to manage and facilitate programs in the future?
    This is being discussed and will be dependent on the budget.