• Wellness is a foundation for teaching and learning, and encompasses the interrelated dimensions of physical, mental, emotional, and social health. Our vision is to create a sustainable culture of overall health and wellness for students and staff at Harrison School District Two (HSD2). We are dedicated to promoting well-being by inspiring and supporting students and staff through their personal life journey.

    The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model focuses its attention on the child, emphasizing a school-wide approach, which is embraced by HSD2.

    Staff wellness programming is funded by Cigna Wellness funds.  Student wellness programming is funded by The Colorado Health Foundation.

Embracing Wellness: 2021-22 School Year

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Wellness Programs

  • Harrison School District Two creates and provides sustainable wellness programs for students and staff.

    • Wellness Accountability Groups align their work to the District's ADF Wellness Policy.
      • District Wellness Council
      • Staff Wellness Advisory Group
      • Wellness Co-Leaders in every school, transportation and the Administration complex
      • Healthy School Teams in every school
      • Student-Led secondary Healthy School Committees
    • Staff and Student Challenges
      • District-wide staff challenges held bi-annually
      • Site-based staff challenges related to the interrelated dimensions of wellness
      • School-based student challenges
      • Before/After school student clubs involving physical activity
      • Week-end student hikes
      • School-sponsored Health Fairs
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