Frequently Asked Questions - Employee Related Questions

  • Harrison School District Two

    Frequently Asked Questions for Staff

    March 30, 2020


    Questions Regarding Evaluations and Induction

    1. What about teacher SLO goals and all staff evaluations? 

    Summative evaluations will be completed for licensed staff using the performance side of the summative evaluation only since evaluations and SLO goals have been waived for the 2019-2020 school year.   

    1. Completion of induction? 

    Licensed staff who enrolled for the 2019-2020 Induction cohort with Alex Germane, can start submitting the required induction documents to her at  The district will honor the work that has been completed so far. 


    Questions Regarding Pay & Benefits

    1. Will employees continue to be paid during the Stay-at-Home order and/or while schools are closed?

    Staff will continue to be paid for their scheduled workdays. Workdays for all positions can be viewed on the HR website under “Employees” and then “Work Assignment Calendars.” Employees who receive pro-rated pay will continue to receive their monthly gross pay as scheduled. Pay for part-time ESP employees will be based on the employee’s normally scheduled hours and will continue to be paid a month in arrears.

    1. Are substitutes and tutors being paid during this time?

    Only Guest Teachers and Guest ESP who were already working in a long-term substitute assignment as of March 16, 2020, will be paid during this time. Those Guest Teachers/Guest ESP will continue to work in those roles at the discretion of the school principal, and they will be compensated for the duration of the long-term assignment while they continue to perform those job duties. Pay will not continue during this time for any other Guest Teachers/Guest ESP or for tutors. Daily substitute assignments and tutoring are suspended until further notice. Unfortunately, we realize this does mean a loss of income for these individuals. The links below provide some resources:

    1. Do employees receive additional pay if they go into their work location during this time?

    Effective March 30, 2020, all staff are expected to be available during work hours and to work remotely (from home) whenever possible. If staff members need to pick up critical materials/equipment or to complete a task at their work location, they must contact their principal or department supervisor first for approval. These situations should be rare, and the time spent at the work location must be minimal.  There were some hourly staff working every day who had been receiving additional pay, but this will no longer be in effect as of April 11. No other staff were eligible.

    1. How do employees submit a paper timesheet for payment?

    The district courier service is not running during the Stay-at-Home order, so employees must scan any paper timesheets to Human Resources or respective supervisor during this time. Completed timesheets may be sent to the HR Specialists as follows:

    Chad Isley ( – elementary and K-8 staff

    Megan LaChance ( – secondary and departments

    1. Does this situation impact staff who are receiving workers’ compensation?

    Please contact the benefits office as it depends on each individual’s claim.

    1. How does this situation impact an employee’s benefits?

    Staff members who remain employed during this time and continue to receive monthly paychecks from the district that cover their premiums will not see any changes to their benefits, provided they re-enroll during open enrollment.  On-line open enrollment will be conducted beginning at 7:30 am on April 1, 2020 and will conclude at 4:00 pm on April 30, 2020.  Details will be available on the Benefits web page soon.  Coverage for medical, dental, and vision will end June 30, 2020 for employees who do not complete the process.

    1. How do employees report a qualifying event and make a change to their benefits?

    The “Benefits” web page (located under the Finance Department) is a good place to start. Make sure you are logged in to the HSD2 website to access the “Critical Information” link on the left-hand side of the Benefits web page where you will find details regarding the qualifying events allowed, the timeframe you have to make changes, and documentation needed. Supporting documentation must be received within 31 calendar days of the event or date of loss/gain of coverage (depending on the type of event) or the request will be denied and the next opportunity to make changes will be the next Open Enrollment period or if there is another qualifying event. Contact the Benefits Office at if you have questions.

    1. Where can employees find a list of Urgent Care locations or consult with a doctor?

    Members should verify that the Urgent Care location they are using is in-network with Cigna. That information can be obtained by (1) downloading the mycigna app, (2) visiting or (3) calling 1.800.244.6224 to talk to a Cigna customer service representative. It is also recommended that members inquire at the Urgent Care if the claim is going to be submitted to the insurance carrier as an Urgent Care or ER coded claim as the cost to the member would be substantially higher if the visit was coded as an ER claim. 

    1. How should employees proceed if they need to see a medical professional but have lost or misplaced their Cigna insurance card?

    Employees can create a user name and password at and print a temporary ID card and order a new one.  Prior to ordering a new card, employees should check the address on file and submit any changes via the District’s Employee Service portal and ID cards will not be forwarded by the US Postal Service.  Employees needing assistance can call Cigna’s member services at 1-800-244-6224. The district’s group number for both medical plans is 3340855. If urgent, email the Benefits Office at  


    Questions Regarding Annual Leave, Vacation and Leaves of Absence/FMLA:

    1. Does the school closure/Stay-at-Home order change anything in the Leave of Absence process?

    The Stay-at-Home order does not change the Leave of absence process. As of March 16, 2020, an employee currently on a Leave of Absence will remain on that leave until they return to work on their scheduled return date and can fulfill the essential functions of their job. A medical release is required to return to work if the employee is on a Leave of Absence for their own medical reasons.

    1. Do employees still need to use their leave time for medical appointments or days off?

    Yes, for any leave time not related to a COVID-19 illness all employees are required to continue to follow HR Operational Guidelines for use of Annual Leave and Vacation time. This includes requesting supervisor approval of leave time (at least 3 days in advance when possible) and entering the leave time in SAM. Teachers should enter their leave time as “no sub required” unless arrangements have already been made with Human Resources to acquire a substitute for that time. It is important to enter any leave time in SAM so that the supervising administrator and the district are aware that the employee is not available to perform work tasks from home as assigned during that time.

    For year-round employees who earn Vacation time, the district is not extending the June 30, 2020, deadline for use-or-lose Vacation hours. Employees were previously notified of their use-or-lose Vacation hours. Any use-or-lose hours not used by June 30 will be forfeited.

    1. What should employees do if they think they might have contracted COVID-19?

    Contact your healthcare provider immediately.

    It is important to be informed about COVID-19 even if you do not think you have contracted it. As a resource, the Finance Department has posted “Important Information Related to the Coronavirus” on the “Benefits” web page:

    1. Do employees have to use leave time if they cannot perform the essential functions of their job from home?

    Yes, employees who are unavailable for the duration of their workday and/or cannot perform their job duties from home will need to use their leave time and enter those absences in SAM. If employees have exhausted all of their leave time, they will need to take that time as unpaid leave, unless they are being tested for COVID-19.


    Questions About Working from Home and District/School Access:

    1. What does “working from home” look like?

    Working from home is going to look different for every position. Employees must communicate directly with their supervising administrator regarding expectations for their specific position.

    All employees are expected to work/be available during their normally scheduled work hours unless they have entered leave time in SAM. Employees can be required during work hours to meet and plan/collaborate via phone or web applications. These meetings will not held in person during the Stay-at-Home order.

    Licensed and administrative staff are salaried and are expected to work the necessary hours each day to support their duties and responsibilities as determined by their supervising administrator, including being available during normal operational hours on Monday through Friday.

    All notifications from the district regarding work expectations and operational updates will be sent to employees’ district email addresses. It is important that employees have the ability to access their district email from home. If you are not able to do so, submit a Web Help Desk Ticket to the Technology & Innovation Department to request assistance.

    1. When will employees be allowed access to school/district buildings?

    For those employees not required to work on site, access to any district building or facility is limited to picking up critical resources to support student learning or district operations and must do so with supervisor permission. Employees may not remain in the building/facility for any extended period of time and may not meet other staff or parents for extended in-person meetings. All employees must adhere to the guidance from the CDC, Colorado Health Department and the El Paso County Health Department, including exercising social distancing, washing hands, etc.

    Do not enter any district building/facility if you are under self-quarantine, showing symptoms, or have tested positive for COVID-19.  The district strongly encourages strict social distancing and wearing face masks.


    Other Questions:

    1. What happens if the Stay-at-Home order is extended or schools are not re-opened after April 30, 2020?

    The district and supervising administrators will continue to communicate with employees regarding work expectations. The district is closely monitoring the COVID-10 outbreak and will continue to follow guidance of local and state health experts and Governor Polis’ directives. As soon as any change in operational status is determined, students, staff, families and the community will be notified.

    1. Will the district be required to extend the school year?

    No.  Governor Polis has exempted school districts from the minimum time requirements. 

    1. Will employees receive an end-of-year summative evaluation?

    Summative evaluations are expected to be completed as scheduled. Evaluators can use online resources as well as phone calls and email to navigate the remaining evaluation processes.

    1. Is the licensed transfer process still happening?

    Yes, Human Resources is still facilitating the licensed transfer process. Hiring administrators may contact transfer candidates via phone or web application to discuss the request.

    Licensed staff who are interested in requesting a transfer may still submit their request form to Megan LaChance ( in the HR Department. The deadline to submit a transfer request remains 4 p.m. on April 27, 2020. The request form is posted on the HR website.

    ESP who are interested in a vacancy at another school or district location for the 2020-21 school year may apply for that position in AppliTrack.

    1. Will the HSD2 Job Fair be rescheduled?

    The HSD2 Job Fair will not be rescheduled. Please visit for posted positions.

    1. How can licensed staff members help their student teacher(s) meet the requirements of his/her program?

    Please contact Dr. Mike Claudio ( regarding any student teacher concerns. We are working with our partner universities on next steps.

    1. If an employee is retiring, can he/she still use May 22, 2020 as the last work day?

    The retirement date is a function between the employee and PERA. Any questions related to retirement should be directed specifically to PERA.