Logo Guidelines

  • When using the Harrison School District's logo, the following guidelines should be adhered to:

    • The logo is an identifying element and therefore the colors should never be altered.
    • The font should not be substituted, stretched, condensed, etc. It is a piece of the logo art.
    • Type is never to be printed over the logo.
    • The logo is not to be stretched or skewed.
    • The logo is meant to be used as designed. Adding special graphical special effects is prohibited.

    How to download the images below:

    • Right-click on the file name
    • Select Save Link As
    • Choose a location where to save the file
    • Click the Save button


    Horizontal Logo

    HSD2 Color Logo.jpg - color, horizontal

    HSD2 B/W Logo.jpg - black & white, horizontal

    HSD2 Color Logo.png - color, horizontal, transparent background

    HSD2 B/W Logo.png - black & white, horizontal, transparent background

    HSD2 Color Logo.eps - PMS color, horizontal

    HSD2 Color Logo Aligned.eps - PMS color, horizontal aligned


    Vertical Logo

    HSD2 Color Logo Vertical.jpg - color, centered vertically

    HSD2 B/W Logo.jpg - black & white, centered vertically

    HSD2 Color Logo.png - color, centered vertically, transparent background

    HSD2 B/W Logo.png - black & white, centered vertically, transparent background

    HSD2 Color Logo.eps - PMS color, centered vertically