Facilities Master Plan

  • As part of the district's Operational Expectations (OE's), which define the Boards expectations for the daily operations of the district, we are required to develop and maintain both the Facility Master Plan (FMP) and the Facility Capital Renewal Plan (FCRP). The purpose of each document is to assure that the physical facilities support a 2020 learning environment.  While the facilities are currently in good condition, aging infrastructure and economic challenges have resulted in a declining budget that will require flexibility to continue meeting the requirements of the OE. 

    Both plans are designed to help meet the Facilities Goals and Visions; specifically, "our facilities will be safe, clean, properly maintained and provide an excellent learning environment." 

    Facility Master Plan
    The Facility Master Plan provides general details about Harrison School District Two. Part 1 includes the district's history (dating back to 1874), its location and boundaries, demographics, financial capability, assumptions that were used in creating the plan, and the capital renewal approach. Part 2 includes all of our district facilities (13 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 2 high schools, a K-8 community school, a repurposed elementary school, and the administrative complex).

    FMP Part 1

    FMP Part 2

    Facility Capital Renewal Plan
    There are numerous factors that lead to successfully operating and maintaining facilities. These factors maximize the probability that the equipment and the facilities will operate as designed for the life cycle of the facility. The Facility Capital Renewal Plan provides a breakdown, by building, of all major facility systems based on their designed life. It includes the year of installation, year replacement is due, and an estimated replacement cost for each system (i.e. asphalt roads/parking lots, irrigation systems, site lighting, windows/doors, floor finishes, heating and/or cooling systems, playgrounds, bleachers, etc.).

    FCRP (Revised as of August 2017)

    The FCRP is used in conjunction with the Operations and Maintenance Plan when determining replacement.

    Operations and Maintenance Plan (O&M)
    The district Operations and Maintenance Plan (O&M) is a condition based assessment that factors in life cycle. Equipment is visually inspected and categorized by condition. The age of equipment is then factored in to determine the need or priority for replacement. Funds are allocated to replace equipment that has the greatest potential impact on instruction first, with priority given to items that have a potential safety concern. Using this strategy, the district is able to significantly extend the operational life of equipment well past the designed life.